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I was bitten by a turtle when I was a young lad, should I still drink orange juice? How do I ask a question on Yahoo Answers?

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  8. Why does my screen say "www. Why should anyone judge me because I'm missing 1 tooth, I still have a great smile and a good personality? I caught my son having sex with a guy and I think he might be gay. You are not wrong if you approve. What can happened between two boys? No pregnancy involved so that's a good thing you don't have to worried about lol!! Just make sure that they don't do anything stupid like have sex or drink ect.

    Gay guys, would you ever date a bisexual guy?

    They can hang out and have fun and go to places, but first tell them that they need your permission first! When he reach 18, he is a free bird.

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    With any teenager, boys or girls, they WILL have sex or do something stupid and you will never know it so condoms are a good thing to tell them, teenagers lies A LOT and they will never tell you the things that they did. You have to keep an eye on him. I know that sometimes parents trust their kids but you never know, next thing there is a big problem just like that so just keep an eye on them.

    I'm 23 years old and personally I won't date someone of that young age, in my opinion I think it's very inappropriate.

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    Source s: Add a comment. You just agree with the age thing? So does that mean you don't agree with them both being men? You should love your son no matter what him being gay should change or affect that, as far as his relationship goes as long as he wants to be with him it's fine he is old enough to make his own choices. No, I don't think so at all.

    You're a great parent for accepting such a thing. Your son probably wouldn't be with the man if he treated him badly.. Trust him and feel good about it.

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    Your son is happy and you're awesome for accepting it. The age difference is far too great imo. Once he is over 18 its not as bad but right now Well i'm a parent too and so far our 3 are all straight but this sounds all good. You sound like a great parent and no you are not wrong at all.

    communication is everything

    Just that PC lot who will pic holes in this or those who just do not understand. Existing questions. Related Questions Would you let your 18 year old gay son date a 30 year old man?